I've lost my pet....

What do I need to do if my pet is missing?

We love animals and know how stressful is is to lose someone you love.

Email Qatar Veterinary Center immediately with your pet's details and a photo. We will send out a LOST posting on our QVC Facebook rehoming page and include your pet on our hospital noticeboard.
We will scan all animals in the hospital that fit your pets' description and will watch for your pet as a hospital admission.

All Veterinary Clinics with a microchip scanner can now check pets that are brought into their office and run the microchip number through petsafeqatar.com
If your pet is registered they can call you immediately.

What else can I do if my pet is missing?

 Although finding a lost animal often seems to depend on luck, there are things people who find their pets do that make a difference.

1) Knock on doors and talk to people in your area. Most people walk the streets around their home and call their pet. People who knock on their neighbor's doors and ask if anyone has seen their pet instead of just calling are more likely to find it.

2) Hand out fliers with your pet's picture on them and your phone number in the immediate area where your pet was lost, a mile or two for dogs, a five to ten house radius for cats, in any direction.

3) Go to all local shelters and government agencies charged with picking up stray and lost animals and look for yourself, at least every other day.

4) Check the souq; make sure you pet is not up for sale.

Combining these four things is most effective.

What to do next...

Put ads in the local paper and on local websites/forums. Some people only look on these to locate an animal's owner.

Ask businesses that people who live in the area are likely to use to put up a copy of your flier. This includes gas stations, fast food restaurants, convenience and grocery stores. Ask if you can put a copy of your flier up in the pet food aisle. If someone picks up your animal and holds it for a few days hoping you will find them just as your pet did, they will need food.

Contact local rescue organizations and give them copies of your flier. Ask the shelters if they know of anyone doing rescue in the area, even if they don't work with them.

Give copies of your flier to veterinarians, groomers, trainers and pet stores and ask them to put them up.

Give copies of your flier to people who walk their dogs in the area. They're more likely to spot animals than most people.