I've found a pet!

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What do I need to do if I find a pet?

If you find a pet take it to your Veterinarian and have it scanned for a microchip. This is the fastest way to locate his or her owner if they have registered their microchip details in Qatar. The Vet should also check to see if the animal has a legible tattoo number in their ear.

If the animal is not registered let us know; we will then post their details on our QVC Facebook page which all Veterinary Clinics and Animal Shelters in Qatar can access. As it is an open group all pet owners in Qatar can also access it.

You can also help by checking to see if the animal has a collar with an ID tag. The tag may have the animal's home number or home address that will help you track down his family

It may also be worth having a look in your area to see if you can spot anyone searching for their pet. Most lost animals belong in the neighbourhoods where they are stray and the owners may be frantically looking for their pet.

What if the animal is not approachable?

Think of your own safety first. If the animal appears vicious or unapproachable, do not attempt to catch the animal. Call QAWS or your Vet to see if they can help.

What if it is not microchipped

Photograph the animal; note where it was found any distinguishing features and a contact telephone number. Post them in as many places as possible: around the site where the animal was found; grocery and corner stores; local parks; telephone poles etc.

Don't forget!

If you find the pet owner, as a courtesy, please remember to contact the groups keeping records and let them know so they can take the animal off their list of lost and found.